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Tire Basics
Wheel Balancing
Wheel Alignment
Tips Before Driving
Starting A Dead Battery
Changing A Flat Tire
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Be sure to carry out (6) six items of inspection before driving:

     1.  Is inflation pressure kept at a proper level?  If your pressure falls drastically from your previous measurement.  There is a possibility of air leakage.  

     2.  Are tires free from cuts and cracks?  Are foreign objects not embedded in tires?

     3.  Is depth of thread grooves enough?  Is wear within normal range?

     4.  Is combination of dual tires proper?

     5.  Are wheels free from cuts and cracks?  Are wheel nuts tightened securely?

     6.  Is a spare tire in proper condition?

If there is any doubt on your tire, please go to your nearest tire center for tire check-up.

Enjoy Safe Driving!



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