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Jumpstarting a dead battery


The battery terminals might be dirty or the wire clamps loose.  Try cleaning them and tightening the clamps.  If the car still won’t start, here’s what you can do:

A.                Using jumper wires


Find another car to attach the opposite ends (positive: red; negative: black terminals) of those you’ll be putting on your car.


With its engine running, park the other car near yours.  Pop both hoods and attach positive (red) terminals first on your car’s proper battery terminal then onto the other car.  Attach negative (black) terminals first onto your car’s proper battery terminal before attaching onto the running car’s battery terminal.  Make sure connections are secure and cables aren’t pulled too tight.


Get in your car, put gearshift in neutral (for manual transmission) or P (for automatic).  Slot keys onto the “on” position and check if all your warning lamps illuminate.  If it does, start your car’s engine.


Disconnect jumper cables from both cars: positive (red) first before the negative (black).


Once it’s running properly, let idle for ten to 15minutes before driving away.  Try not to use any of  the electrical accessories (aircon, radio, headlights, etc.) for 20 minutes.


B.                 Tulak for manual transmission cars


Find helpers to push your car along a deserted stretch of the road.  Get in, put keys into “on” position, slot gearshift into second gear and step on clutch pedal fully.


Once your friends have pushed the car, wait for the speed to reach 30kph or so, then slowly release clutch pedal until engine catches momentum and starts.


Once it starts, slot gearshift into neutral and let car idle for 5 – 10 minutes to charge the battery.  Again, avoid using the electrical accessories for proper charging of battery.


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Extracted from Smart Parenting Magazine March 2006, “Road Smarts” pp. 69-70

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