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If the temperature gauge rises well above halfway-point, park your car at a safe place, preferably a gas station or a decent-looking car shop where gas boys/mechanics can take a look at your car.

Once you’ve found a safe place to park:

·                    Pop hood open and let engine cool down on its own for at least one-and-a-half to two hours. Do not open radiator cap as the cooling system is pressurized; if you open it too soon, boiling coolant and water will gush out.

·                    Once engine has cooled down, open it and check how much water and coolant is left inside. Refill it to the brim and check for leaks from the radiator core, the rubber hoses, or from under the engine itself. If there’s a visible leak, don’t start the car. Have the car towed to your mechanic.

·                    After refilling with water and coolant, start the car and check if temperature’s still rising. If it is, there’s a hidden leak. Don’t risk driving it. Call a tow truck.

·                    If temperature gauge appears steady, drive off slowly but bring a gallon of water in case engine overheats anew.

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  Extracted from Smart Parenting Magazine March 2006, “Road Smarts” pp. 69-70

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