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- is suitable for long haul vehicles, which have long routes and high speed requirements. It was made from different specialties of construction, rubber component and tread pattern design. Therefore, heat build-up is dispated; traction and load capability are increased. As a result, your vehicle performs safer, more stable and more fuel saving.




10.00 R20 18R 7.00 R16 14PR 11R22.5 18PR
11.00 R20 18PR    
11R22.5 18PR    
295/75R22.5 18PR

- Driving on regional terrain with tortuous roads and mountain passes requires engine always works in hard condition, CASUMINA RADIAL BLUESTONE is the best choice with a reinforced structure, specialized rubber compound and most of all it has proper pattern designs to increase load capacity, traction, braking force and low heat build-up. As a result, your on load vehicle always operates safely and stably.

BS631 BS661 BS662
8.25R16 16PR 11.00R20 18PR 385/65R22.5 20PR




11.00R20 18PR 12.00R20 20PR
12.00R20 20PR  

- Thanks to the reinforced frame structrure, the specialized rubber compound and proper patterns, CASUMINA RADIAL REDSTONE is capable for intense load, high risk damages and durability. You will completely count on while your vehicle operates in construction sites or mining zones because your REDSTONES tyres are good traction and absolutely fit low velocity conditions.




12.00R20 20PR



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