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Trelleborg is a leading supplier with a wide range of industrial tires for material handling equipment, fork-lifts and other industrial applications.

We offer industrial tires with high durability and perfect grip through our brands Bergougnan, Monarch, Rota and Trelleborg.

With distribution centers throughout the world, Trelleborg Wheel Systems is a single source supplier for original equipment and replacement markets offering a wide range of products.

Resilients – also known as Pneumatic Shaped Solids – are made with varying compound structures, plain or steel wire reinforced, and offer superior rim fitting characteristics, rolling resistance, heat resistance, wear & abrasion resistance, shock absorption and stability. Both Standard and Loc types are available.



Enhanced riding features (cushion)


More specific tread compound (better wear resistance)


Reduced heat build-up


Expert represents the excellence of the Trelleborg resilient tires range, many  impressive features set Expert at the top of the worldwide market. It is a larger, wider and stronger tire, designed to be employed in the most severe working conditions, where heavy duty applications and pressing shifts stress the tires at remarkable levels.

Expert is strong and long lasting, it performs effectively on all modern material handling equipment, fully complying with the most strict industrial application requirements. It meets every customer’s needs, providing excellent grip, total traction, and top ride quality, assuring higher durability and cost efficiency.

Major Features:

bulletLarger outside diameter
bulletWider contact area
bulletThicker tread
bulletThe best net/gross footprint area ratio and more rubber volume
bulletOffering an exceptional robustness
bulletA superior load capacity and a longer lifetime with the maximum reliability
bulletReduces vehicle maintenance needs




Over 40 years of excellence lead to a new generation of Monarch solid tires for the next generation of material handling equipment: M2

Designed using the latest technology and state-of-the art laboratory analysis, the M2 combines the strength of the Mono-Matic (the first solid shaped pneumatic tire) with the ride of the HP (an innovative cap compound for cooler running and longer life) and the power of the E-Class (a hard rubber base for more efficient rolling and wire bead in heel to stop slippage on the rim).

This three-stage tire with steel wires in the heel is a distinct change to the previous Monarch solid tire. The new tread design and new compound help make a clear break from the past tire technology.

These changes combine to produce a longer-lasting solid tire.

Major Features:

bulletAdvanced compounding
bulletInnovative tread design
bulletImproved traction and stability
bulletCDM Technology
bulletReduced heat build up
bulletChip and chunk resistance
bulletExtended life of the tire
bulletOutstanding rolling resistance




Mastersolid resilient tire is developed with very latest industrial technology, a robust tire suitable to run straight ways and long distances.

Quality and state-of-the-art technology guarantee a top-notch product with economical benefits. Made with quality compounds, Mastersolid offers a long life expectancy and good abrasion resistance, high shock absorption, assuring better comfort and a maintenance free product. The functional tread pattern and the square profile allow better traction, firm grip, high stability and increased efficiency. All this leads to riding comfort and costs saving, together with reduced machine stops, dangerous for loss of productivity. Mastersolid is developed for mild industrial applications, and offers good performances, stability, safety and durability. Mastersolid: the reliable solution!

Major Features:

bulletValue brand
bulletNatural rubber compounds
bulletModern highly functional design
bulletIncreased shock absorption
bulletLow rolling resistance
bulletHigh stability & maximum safety
bulletAvailable in loc design   (m.s. plus)
bulletAvailable in popular sizes




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