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   Truck/Passenger Tire Changing Tool  

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bulletMount all tubeless tires range from 19.5" to 24.5".  Demount tire in 8 seconds, and remount in 20 seconds without strain.  Demounting truck tires with TD-100M so easily and wont damage beads.  Two simple tools can do it all.  Work on standard and super luxury beads.


Item No. Model No. Description Weight
12320 TD-100M Truck/Passenger Tubeless Tire Demount Tool 13kg
12321 TD-200M Truck/Passenger Tubeless Tire Mount Tool 6kg


bulletThe left of TD-55M is used for changing truck/passenger tubeless tires, and the right of it is used for demounting truck/passenger tube type.  Use in pairs when demounting tires.  Made from special material, with anti-fatigue and not easy to break.



Item No. Model No. Description Weight
12311 TD-55M Truck/Passenger Tubeless Tire Changing Tool 6kg



bulletLoosen bead with bead-breaking foot and ram bar, but never cut the bead of the tire.  The wedge foot is forced between the bead and rim flange.  No other bead breaking tools are necessary.  Designed with an exclusive spring action to reduce user fatigue associated with slide hammer kickback.


Item No. Model No. Description Weight
12327 TD-40B Bead Breaker 14kg
12350 CH-5 Iron Bead Seater 13kg
12330   Bead Keeper 1kg
bulletAfter mounting tire, simply apply a blast from Bead Seater between the tire and rim to seat the toughest beads quickly and easily.  With overpressure automatic pop-off valve system.


bulletPrevents the tire bead from slipping when mounting the top bead.



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