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Modi Tyres Company Pvt Limited ( MTCPL), a wholly owned subsidiary of Modi Rubber Limited has signed a Technical cooperation agreement with Continental AG of Germany a leading tyres manufacturing company in the world. Under this agreement Continental branded Truck & Bus Cross ply tyres shall be produced in MTCPL’s Tyre plant at Modipuram Meerut, U.P. India which has annual capacity of over 1 Million Bias Truck & Bus Tyres and Tubes.

Test tyres have already been produced at the plant in Modipuram. These tyres were tested in the well equipped test facilities of the company and were also sent for testing to the Continental facilities in Malaysia and South Africa. The tyres passed all their tests satisfactorily. Continental after being fully satisfied has now released the tyres for production at the MTCPL facilities, to be marketed and sold under the global brand Continental

The Indian Truck fleet customers will have now the opportunity to equip their vehicles with high quality Continental Truck & Bus Cross Ply tires which offer excellent performance and economy. Continental Truck and Bus Tyres are designed for all- round durability and operational safety is maximized.

Transporter’s favorite Tyres - Marathon, Platinum, RL8, Mastermiler, Multilife, Loadpower, M9, and Tanker 509, shall be in the market with Continentalbrand. MTCPL will manufacture and sell these

Continental Truck and Bus tyres through a wide network of dealers all over the country.



N414 RIB


rib highway pattern for smooth rides and excellent steering response sported by good skid & wear resistant polymer for:

-  Resistant to curbing by virtue of reinforced sidewall.

-  Continuous zigzag rib design for good mileage and steering response.

-  Wide buttress windows for better heat dissipation thus keeps the tire cool.





tough impact resistant mileage tyre

-  Resistant to curving, thanks to reinforced side wall with special material for longer life expectancy.

-  Sinusoidal design ribs for higher mileage and better steering response with wear resistance polymers and reinforcing blacks.

-  Long and wide scooped windows for better heat dissipation thus keeps the tire cool




higher mileage for the lowest overall driving cost

-  Reinforced & inclined buttress to resist shoulder fluxing and buttress crack.

-  Sinusoidal 5 rib pattern with stress free bottom groove for higher mileage, anti channel crack and uniform wear characteristics.

-  Rounded shoulder for better steering response.


N418 RIB


a 5-rib highway designed tire

-  A 5-rib tire for front wheel fitment of trucks and all wheel fitment of buses.

-  A highway rib pattern with sipes for excellent traction & smooth ride.

-  Air scooped buttress supported with strong casing and cut resistant compound for longer life.

-  Strong nylon casing capable to carry load and heat resistant compound.




unique Semi-lug tire with very good grip under all application conditions

-  Sturdy nylon casing capable to carry heavy loads with extra ordinary strength.

-  unique combination of rib and lug feature with open pattern supported with optimized blend of polymers for durability and mileage.

-  Reinforced buttress foe cooler running and overall durability.


N416 LUG


for medium loads

-  Reinforced buttress with heat resistant compound for cooler running.

-  unique tread design with dual tread compound for skid & abrasion resistance.

-   bold transverse lugs for better traction & road grip.




for difficult terrain under heavy loads

-  Specially designed reinforced buttress and compound for cooler running and durability.

-  Capable to carry heavy loads with maximum casing strength.

-  Heavy rugged cross lug pattern with strong shoulders for better traction and durability.




for difficult terrain under heavy loads

-  Resistant to curbing, thanks to reinforced sidewall.

-  Specially designed bold transverse lugs for better traction and mileage.

-  Angular designed buttress with long scooped windows for better heat dissipation thus keeps the tire cool




higher mileage, muscular tire, tough impact resistant.

-  Resistant to curving, thanks to reinforced sidewall.

-  Wider central rib.

- Circular sipes for faster heat dissipation & better grip on road.




premium casing tire

-  Reinforced side wall to make the carcass column strong, crack resistant polymer for long protection of side wall.

-  Groove opening for better heat dissipation

-  Lug pattern with blading and sipes for better traction, better grip and cooler running, strong casing provide durable base for premium retreading.


N417 LUG


a cross ply tire for all-round performance

-  Unique buttress design with strong casing & heat resistant compound for longer life.

-  Cad tread with broader cross bar lugs for better traction & mileage.

-  Sturdy & angular placed lugs to minimize shuffling & retain casing integrity.




for heavier mechanical loads

-  Sturdy stress free nylon casing, unique polymer blends for ozone and fatigue resistant sidewall, strong columns to provide stability to carcass.

-  Cooler running design with insulated crack resistant compound.

-  Bold transverse lug for outstanding traction and road grip with cut, chip resistance tread compound.




robust tire for mining application

-Attractive curb rib design for sidewall protection.

- Non-directional pattern with broad lugs to sustain rigorous mining application and excellent backward and forward traction.

- Beefed up buttress design with scooped windows.



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