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Lawrence X3D wheel alignment is the world's first one which adopts V3D+3Dmax technology platform.  It adopts three-dimensional shoot technology to measure, which makes the results more accurate.  Its datum show in three-dimensional image display pattern which makes the effect more clear.  As a result, it's easy and convenient to use.



  1. 3D Measurement: The 3D measuring technics which is based on real running surface of wheels is more specific and precision.
  2. High-speed Shooting System: Composed of high-performance cameras and four target disks, the camera system can measure the vehicle’s running posture vividly.
  3. Target Disk: The solid-state target disks made by special materials are sturdy and durable without any electronic components.
  4. Pushing Measurement: None of any wheel compensation is needed. Only one pushing can complete the measurement.
  5. 3D Max System: The unique visual 3D max dynamic measurement system is real and vivid.
  6. Calibration System: Only one simple calibration is needed after the initial installation without any repetitive calibration following.


  1. The target disks (sensors) are not composed of the electronic components used in traditional wheel aligners.The problems caused by the influence of the electronic components are eliminated.
  2. There is no need to do complex wheel compensation for the wheel theoretic plane. Only one time of pushing measurement is needed to complete the precision measuring in order to shorten testing time greatly.


  1. Utlizing Patented 3Dmax Dynamic Display System
  2. No Electronic Components
  3. Four-point Wheel Clamps
  4. 3D Animation Technics
  5. Unique Reminding Window
  6. Pre-tightening Rotatable Jaw
  7. Pushing the Vehicle Once
  8. 3D Animation Adjustment Guidance
  9. Animation Operation Reminding
  10. Original Standard Reference Database
  11. PC Camera Showing Vehicle On Platform Function
  12. Intelligent Voice Reminding
  13. The Mesurement of Caster and Kingpin Inclination
  14. The Measurement of Vehicle Body Dimension
  15. The Measurement of Toe-out-on Turn
  16. The Measurement of Tire Diameter
  17. The Measurement of Maximum Turning Angle


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